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Harley is the love of my life.
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Yo, everyone NEEDS to go and check out my friends in https://www.facebook.com/elegistau?fref=ts Radest and nicest dudes, pick up one of these awesome beanies for only $20AU

Shoe shopping….

I love this of us! Too bad I had no fucking money!

There’s something so terrifying to me about sleeping alone when I come home from my boyfriend’s house after a long period of time. I think it’s the fact that I have to wake up on my own and try to convince myself I have to get up and go on with my day, even without him by my side. 
The thought of that one day becoming a reality for the rest of my life scares the hell out of me. 

Lastnight was fun :3

Emily is fan girling way to hard right now. She’s that stoked she met Gary and James from Geordie Shore

Way too much fangirling

Sunrise and selfies feat. Crazy storm cloud and @yoganke @emilysueeee (at Terrigal Skillion)
Shorefest ruled. 

Just had a mad feed wit dis bitch

Today’s selfie feat Em and @lincoooo xx (at Tacoma)

Yep, we rule!

Tonight ruled, played our first show in what seems like a million year, had a pit and took about a thousand selfies until I come up with this one. @lincoooo #mosh

Just started 2013 the same way I started 2012, kissing my beautiful girlfriend! I love you @emilysueeee

I love him so much, to the point no one understands, <3
New years eve with the love of my life.

This windbreaker is to big for life. Going to Westfield with dis hottie though :)

I love this boy so much!